LIA – Advanced Interaction Laboratory

LIA – Advanced Interaction Laboratory ( in Portuguese: Laboratório de Interação Avançada ) was founded in 2003 as a Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) research lab in the Department of Computer Science at UFSCar – Federal University of São Carlos. LIA’s mission is to research innovative Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) approaches for designing, developing and using ICT aiming contributing to overcome the challenges faced in the adoption of ICT considering social, professional, economical, political and cultural context of use.

Main research areas:

  • Natural Interactions
  • Culture
  • Context Awareness
  • Social Networking
  • Education
  • Sensitive Design
  • Common Sense Reasoning
  • Games
  • Emotions

LIA researchers objectives are on research and development of new concepts and methodologies focused on multidisciplinary issues and the creation of open source tools geared to the promotion, development and sharing of knowledge through the adoption of ICTs.